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spicy pour-over coffee
spicy pour-over coffee packets
spicy pour-over coffee front and back packet
spicy pour-over coffee

8 Pour-Overs, Tuba Coffee Original Blend

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EXPERIENCE THE DEVINE: 8 Pour-overs, Single-Serve Tuba Coffee Original blend 

Packaging Guilt-Free

Color Medium-dark brown

Ingredients Arabica beans, Selim

Key Features:

Convenience of our instant coffee with superior taste. Our Tuba coffee packets are single serve & eco-friendly.

• Guilt-Free Packaging: Our single-serve, on-the-go, Tuba Coffee pour-over is committed to sustainability, fully recyclable, certified commercially compostable and no equipment necessary. Enjoy your coffee without the environmental guilt.

• Proudly Hand Roasted in Senegal: We take pride in the heritage of "Café Touba", and our coffee is hand-roasted in Senegal, where it all began. Every sip of this coffee reflects the passion and tradition of its origin.

• Roasting: This medium-dark roast strikes the perfect balance, resulting in a rich,  full-
bodied flavor that's ideal for coffee enthusiasts seeking a bold yet smooth taste.

• Taste Profile: Indulge in the bold, earthy flavors with a hint of sweetness that define our Tuba coffee Blend. It's a sensory journey through history and tradition, encapsulated in every cup.

• Ingredients: Our Tuba Coffee Blend is meticulously crafted with premium Arabica beans, known for their smoother, sweeter, and more nuanced flavor. This coffee delights your palate with notes of fruit, chocolate, nuts, and caramel. Additionally, it contains the authentic and aromatic Selim, also known as Guinea pepper. This unique ingredient adds a touch of spice and tradition, making it a genuine and Original Tuba-style coffee.

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