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About Us

Welcome to Tuba Coffee, where the spirit of Senegal meets the bold essence of our iconic spicy flavor. Proudly roasted in the heart of Senegal, we bring you a coffee experience that is as rich and vibrant as the culture that inspires it.

At Tuba Coffee, we take pride in crafting our blends with care and precision. Our medium-dark roast is a celebration of Arabica beans infused with the distinctive touch of Selim, a spice native to West Africa. This unique combination results in a cup that embodies the warmth and character of Senegal's culinary heritage.

Every sip of Tuba Coffee is an invitation to indulge in the harmonious balance of flavors, where the aromatic dance of Arabica and the spicy embrace of Selim come together. Ground to perfection, our coffee is more than a beverage; it's a journey into the heart of Senegal's coffee culture.